Reinhardt as you’ve never heard him before, Part le deux

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Germans and radioSo, remember a while back I announced that there was going to be an audio edition of The Man From Berlin and The Pale House? Well, I just got through listening to the audio version of the first novel. I’m no audio book expert, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think y’all would to!

The book’s read by John Lee, a British actor with a wonderful vocal range. While the narrative stayed rock steady, a reliable anchor around which they all turned, he gave every character its own, distinctive voice. As an author, I tried for exactly that effect with my characters, trying to give each of them its own rhythm, its own pattern of phrases. With his characterisations, Mr. Lee has succeeded in the audio version brilliantly, with my personal favourites being Major Freilinger and Sergeant Claussen, both of whom he imbues with deep, gravelly voices. Freilinger’s voice, damaged by gas during the First World War, rasps with the hoarse scrape I always had in my mind.

The only voice that surprised me was Reinhardt’s, which Mr. Lee spoke very lightly, with a slight German accent, and which was a bit disconcerting, at first. Being a British public school boy, I had always imagined Reinhardt talking with a cut-glass English accent!

In any case, listening to the book was great, great fun. I rediscovered it, in a way, which was even more fun!

Give it a go!

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