Reinhardt, and the art of a good save

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trautmannEvery interview or Q&A I do with the many amazing and dedicated bloggers, critics and writers out there throws up an interesting question. My interview with The Big Thrill posed the fascinating question of the difference between Reinhardt’s investigative powers, and those of a modern-day US or UK detective, and what it would be like to meet Reinhardt at a cocktail party (yes, he’d undoubtedly be the one lurking in a corner, trying not to drink too fast or too much…), Harvard Square Editions asked what my biggest writing mistake was, and Mason Canyon asked with which author–living or dead–I would most like to write a novel.

Today, Mark from CrimeThrillerFella asked what was my best save playing for the UN football team. Manuel Neuer I ain’t, but I kid you not, I blushed at that one, and was the keyboard equivalent of tongue-tied answering it!

Anyhow, a lot of fun with the Q&A as always, and Mark’s blog – – is an interesting read. He’s on the lookout for anything and everything crime fiction-related, so feel free to feed his need!


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