One week in…

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… and what a week it’s been!

First book published, deep breath as it goes on sale, the first reviews start coming in…! Quite the emotional roller coaster.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this a week to remember. To my family and friends, to the reviewers at the New York Journal of Books, Publishers Weekly, Schuler Books, the people on Goodreads, and those who have taken the time to get in touch through the website (thanks in particular to Chuck, Sam, Cheryl and Jim!).

The reviews have been wonderful to read. Not necessarily because they’ve been wonderful (though they have!), but in the way they have let me see the book in a different way. I suppose it’s always a scary moment when someone releases something they’ve created into the world. Eyes will see it in through different lenses, and minds will interpret it in different ways. And so far, what I’m seeing reflected back is what I would have liked people to see, and more.

For instance, I have to say, I was particularly touched by the review from Kenneth Allard in the New York Journal of Books. In his review, Mr. Allard quoted from two parts of the book which, for different reasons, mean a lot to me – once about the conflicting views of history, and a second about the particular beauty of the Bosnian countryside. The latter quote means a very great deal to me. In as much as there is a lot of me in Gregor Reinhardt, much of what Reinhardt sees is what I saw myself. That description of the Bosnian countryside which Mr. Allard quotes from is what entranced me when I first arrived there in June 1998, my eyes glued to the window of the car as it wound its way through the mountains from Sarajevo south and east and south again to Gorazde. There is something about that country, and its wild beauty, and I only wish Mr. Allard had quoted a little more, about how ‘the earth was lobed by the frayed sweep and curve of hills, fissured sometimes by flanks of exposed rock like the bleached karstic bones of the land.’

So, one week in. And I wish they could all be like the one I just had! Thanks, again, to everyone who has helped make it so.

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  1. Sarrienne Cousland

    Sounds great… but really need an eBook distributor who will sell to us folk in the UK. Barnes & Noble are awkward buggers and cannot seem to sell me any of their eBooks, even though they’ll happily sell me their reader!!

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