Mapping Sarajevo, or ‘Here be dragons…’

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No Exit Man from Berlin - mapsMaps of wartime Sarajevo. Bloody hard to find without actually going to Sarajevo and diving into the city’s archives. That’s assuming you get past the people manning the front door, and that’s a big assumption to make.

I’d always wanted a map for the books, though, and it’s really thanks to No Exit Press, my UK publisher, that the British edition of The Man From Berlin has one. They wouldn’t take ‘no’ or ‘there really isn’t one to be had’ for answers, and so I got thinking, and what transpired is a nice little story in networks and perseverance.

One of the books that I used most in my research for The Pale House was by Professor Emily Greble, entitled ‘Sarajevo, 1941-1945: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Hitler’s Europe’. I had already been in contact with her over some research questions, which she had very kindly answered. More importantly, there was a map–clearly a custom-made one–in her book, so I asked her where it came from. ‘Her husband,’ was the answer. A city planner, no less (or something to that effect). He had created it from comparing and analysing pre- and post-war maps, making careful judgements over which streets and places existed and under what names.

Professor Greble’s book was published by Cornell University Press, who graciously allowed us the use of it. No Exit’s formatter then spun the map to match the graphic design of the British version of The Man From Berlin, and I added a few extra places and some directions. I was very tempted to add ‘here be dragons’ or something suitably portentous, but resisted the urge.

I think No Exit did a great job with the map. What do you think?


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  1. steven koenig

    just read “The Man from Berlin”. I really enjoyed it. I thought the character of gregor rheinhardt was done excellently. I hope you will author more books with Rheinhardt in them. Great read!

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