Hello, and welcome!

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Hello, and welcome! Or, as they say in Bosnia-Herzegovina – doberdan, y dobro doshli!

Welcome to my website, the gateway – I hope – to the world of Captain Gregor Reinhardt.

It’s a strange world he lives in. It’s a far away world, but it’s only round the next corner. It’s a world from long ago, but its echoes can still be heard if you listen. It’s a dark and confusing world, a world of terrors and challenges. It’s a world where men do their worst to their fellow men, but where people still find the strength to resist, to turn their backs on the terror of their times.

This is Gregor Reinhardt’s world. This is Sarajevo, in May 1943, a city caught between the hammer and the anvil

But what is he doing there? Why is he there?

Well, I hope you will let me tell you what he’s doing, and why. And in doing so, I hope I’ll tell you something of my story, as well, because I was there too. Different time, different people, different problems. But the same wonderful, fascinating, infuriating mix of cultures, values and histories that make Sarajevo the incredible place it is, and – I hope – an incredible place for a story like Reinhardt’s because this novel about a man presented a thankless task, and who sees in it a chance at redemption, grew out of my experiences as a peacekeeper in Bosnia with the United Nations, working with men and women presented by circumstances with almost impossible choices.

2 Comments on “Hello, and welcome!”

  1. len dobrucki

    Just finished your book. I really enjoyed it. Lots of detail, but it kept me in, the whole way. Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. steven koenig

    I have read both of the books and both are great. I am eagerly awaiting the third. My only complaint is that I can’t get the books in hardbound.

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