Reinhardt in French

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It’s been a long time coming, but The Man From Berlin was published in France, today, as L’Homme de Berlin. It’s hard to say how happy this makes me. France is my home, and has been for more than half my life, now. My children were born here, I can think of nowhere else I’d rather live (perhaps New Zealand, … Read More

The Man From Berlin in Serbo-Croat

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It’s finally happened – the first official translation of The Man From Berlin is out! And the honour goes to the good people at Laguna publishing company, who have translated the book into Serbo-Croat. I’ve already received a request for an interview from a Montenegrin journalist, so, for those of you interested in sharpening up your Serb0-Croat skills, look no further! … Read More

Literary justice – it’s not just a concept!

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In this whirlwind couple of years I’ve spent as a published author, I’ve been constantly amazed at the incredible number of talented and committed people and groups out there devoted to writing–from writing themselves, to helping every writer get the best out of his or herself, and to getting the best advice and support. The stellar cast behind Indie-Visible are right up … Read More

Reinhardt, and the art of a good save

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Every interview or Q&A I do with the many amazing and dedicated bloggers, critics and writers out there throws up an interesting question. My interview with The Big Thrill posed the fascinating question of the difference between Reinhardt’s investigative powers, and those of a modern-day US or UK detective, and what it would be like to meet Reinhardt at a … Read More

Mapping Sarajevo, or ‘Here be dragons…’

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Maps of wartime Sarajevo. Bloody hard to find without actually going to Sarajevo and diving into the city’s archives. That’s assuming you get past the people manning the front door, and that’s a big assumption to make. I’d always wanted a map for the books, though, and it’s really thanks to No Exit Press, my UK publisher, that the British … Read More

An interview about writing and researching Reinhardt

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Follow the link to a nice interivew I did recently with Mason Canyon on her blog, where we discussed, among other things, research techniques, my favourite historical periods, and where I plan to take Reinhardt next. Many thanks to Mason for hosting me, and to all those who took the time to comment and offer encouragement. All the best to … Read More

A huge thank you to the webmistress!

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I want to give a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to my friend Chelsea Starling who worked wonders in almost no time at all to revamp my website (and knowing her, she’s probably still in here somewhere…). Come on over and have a look! Here’s to you, Chelsea, tech guru, webmistress extraordinaire, authoress (did I mention she writes books as well…?! slide … Read More

June 28, 1914 – the day everything changed

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‘The hotel was not particularly large, and it was not particularly grand, but with its twin, the Hungary, facing it across a broad round swath of perfectly manicured lawn, it stood out, as it was meant to. If Reinhardt remembered correctly, the Archduke Ferdinand and his wife had stayed here on their fateful visit to the city in June 1914. … Read More

So, who would play Reinhardt in a movie…?

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No. Sorry. There’s no movie contract, and yes, this is a bit cheeky and it could be said I’m getting ahead of myself, and yet, I live in hope that Spielberg will one day knock on the door. But until that happy day comes, it’ll just have to be imagination – mine and yours. I don’t know how–or if–any of … Read More

Reinhardt like you’ve never heard him before!

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So here’s an interesting update. The Man From Berlin is currently, and The Pale House will shortly be, available as audio books from Tantor. The perfect companion to your daily commute, long-distance travel, housework, lawn-mowing, shopping, running, or general quiet time (if you have any of it)! Both books are read by John Lee, a British actor with an absolutely suitably … Read More

Detectives in wartime

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The Pale House got its first mention in Publishers Weekly last month in an article about the great variety of detective fiction set during wartime–both the First and Second World Wars–or which has as its roots the experience wartime engendered in the characters. The fundamental question is the same across the genre: what is it about one death among many? Or put another way, … Read More

Countdown to The Pale House

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Greetings one and all! It’s been forever since I’ve posted something here, not that I haven’t mentally kicked myself every day for not having done so. So much going on–at work, at home, with the books and everything around them–it’s hard to know where to start, but the short version is there’s lots of news, which I’ll share over the … Read More

Coming up for air…!

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Greetings all! No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the internet. I’ve just been eyeballs deep in my job, having a great time on holiday in the Loire valley, and in keeping up the schedule on delivering the draft of the second Reinhardt novel (and more on that in a later post)! It’s been a frantically busy couple of … Read More

One week in…

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… and what a week it’s been! First book published, deep breath as it goes on sale, the first reviews start coming in…! Quite the emotional roller coaster. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this a week to remember. To my family and friends, to the reviewers at the New York Journal of Books, Publishers Weekly, Schuler Books, the … Read More

Hello, and welcome!

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Hello, and welcome! Or, as they say in Bosnia-Herzegovina – doberdan, y dobro doshli! Welcome to my website, the gateway – I hope – to the world of Captain Gregor Reinhardt. It’s a strange world he lives in. It’s a far away world, but it’s only round the next corner. It’s a world from long ago, but its echoes can still … Read More